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Moving to a new domain without breaking old links: AWS & Disqus
Jan 10, 2018

I started blogging about my nomadic travels last year, and so far the habit has stuck. Like all side projects, I won’t typically invest heavily in setting up web properties before I can be reasonably certain that such an investment is worth my time or enjoyment. In other words: don’t buy the domain until you’ve proven to yourself that you’ll stick with it!

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introduction: a single-page, smooth scrolling, minimal Hugo theme.

css theme responsive

acme-gallery: automagically create a CSS gallery page from a folder of images.

responsive utility javascript websites

uni-pretty: turn boring plain text into pretty unicode characters.

javascript encoding

simon: a futuristic post-apocalypse simon game.

javascript game

cats-vs-unicorns: a 90s-inspired tic-tac-toe variant.

javascript responsive game

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