I design and develop
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I design and develop experiences that 
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  • amuse

Hi! I’m Vicky Lai.

Freelance developer and full-time problem solver.

I’m mostly about black coffee, DRY code, and open source projects sprinkled with easter eggs.



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Hosting your static site with AWS S3, Route 53, and CloudFront
Dec 13, 2017

Some time ago I decided to stop freeloading on GitHub pages and move my static page for vickylai.com to Amazon Web Services (AWS). It turns out that I’m still mostly freeloading (yay free tier) so it amounted to a learning experience. Here are the components that let me host and serve the site at my custom domain with HTTPS.

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introduction: a single-page, smooth scrolling, minimal Hugo theme.

css theme responsive

acme-gallery: automagically create a CSS gallery page from a folder of images.

responsive utility javascript websites

simon: a futuristic post-apocalypse simon game.

javascript game

cats-vs-unicorns: a 90s-inspired tic-tac-toe variant.

javascript responsive game

minimalist-calc: a simple responsive calculator.

css javascript webapp responsive

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I can build your unicorn.*

From websites and themes to the app of your dreams.
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