The coffee conveyor is built using Lego and a Raspberry Pi. It has a sensor that stops the belt before the coffee falls off the end and onto my head. I don’t know how the coffee stays hot, or where it comes from.

  1. I’m bouncing around in GMT+7 / GMT+8 this quarter. It’s damn hot out.

  2. I recently took a stab at my first HackerRank algorithms competition, where I ranked 346/ 1784 participants. Yay.

  3. Along with client projects, I’ve rebuilt my site to have a more flexible, scalable structure that allows me to easily add new projects. (I also put in a bunch of Easter eggs. Have fun.)

  4. I’m frequently found on freeCodeCamp, where I’m a couple modules away from their Front End Development Certification. I admit my progress has been delayed by getting ahead of myself here and there (list of time sinks: jQuery, CSS animations, page load optimizations, CSS-in-JS).

  5. A few of my blog posts got some attention:

    Understanding Array.prototype.reduce() and recursion using apple pie
    Featured on freeCodeCamp

    Iterating over objects and arrays: frequent errors
    Most Popular on for week May 15-21

    Things you need to know about becoming a Data Scientist
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