The coffee conveyor is built using Lego and a Raspberry Pi. It has a sensor that stops the belt before the coffee falls off the end and onto my head. I don’t know how the coffee stays hot, or where it comes from.

  1. I spent the first half of this summer in North America, reuniting with donut holes and old friends (I’ll let you decide if those reference separate things, or not). I’ll be hanging out in SEAN over the next few months before heading to Japan to climb Mt Fuji ⛰ before it gets too cold. Did that. My current time zone is GMT-5.

  2. I was recently featured in an interview on Office Unbound, a site that showcases interviews with remote workers the world over. 🌎

  3. On freeCodeCamp, I’m a couple JavaScript game projects away from their Front End Development Certification.

  4. A few of my blog posts got some attention:

    Understanding Array.prototype.reduce() and recursion using apple pie
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    Iterating over objects and arrays: frequent errors
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    Things you need to know about becoming a Data Scientist
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